text : Gijeong Goo

Exposing Humanity in the Machine

This paper is an outcome of artistic exploration about how humans can respond to the ever-growing influence of technology. The author will explain the changing way of communication influenced by technological development and introduces new images to address the changes around contemporary artists (photographers) who paid attentions on the relationship between technology and humans, through which offers insights into the attitudes we have to take in the relationship with machines. The positions, to be introduced in this paper, are efforts to accept the technology we already use and try to take initiative in using it, rather than rejecting technology and going back to the primitive ways of life, and offer ‘sustainable’ solutions, which enables us to solve problems with the resources in a given situation faced with various problems in the future. This method is believed very persuasive as it is a combined approach, with physical effects, although it is emotional and delicate, difficult to explain in everyday language. Also, interesting works of photography with diverse technologies converged, will be introduced with the reflection about the attitude a human photographer should take to address the images created by machines.

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